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VitalityLife and VitalityHealth provides Award Winning Life, Serious Illness, Income Protection and Health Insurance.
There are 4 Main Types of Cover and our Consultants will help best assess your Insurance needs.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is very simple, it pays out upon death! You can either chose a Term Policy - (This covers you for a set amount of time, which you can chose) or a Whole of Life Policy which can leave a legacy for the family or IHT Liability.

Illness Cover

Here’s why Vitality’s Serious Illness Cover is rated 5 Star by Defaqto:

  • If you are diagnosed with one of the 166 Conditions in
    Vitality's Cover, you get paid a Cash Lump Sum.
  • The payout is based on how severe their condition
    is – From 5% to 100% of Cover Amount.
  • Your Client can Claim more than once if they have Cover left over.

Why we recommend VitalityLife Serious Illness Cover:

  • Covers your client for more Conditions than any other Insurer,
    including all Heart Attacks, all Strokes and more Cancers.
  • Covers your client for a wider range of Less Severe and
    Early Stage Conditions than other Insurers.
  • Gives your Client Payouts based on how severe their Condition
    is, so we pay out earlier and when they need it.
  • If you add Serious Illness Cover Booster then Conditions
    with a Long-Term Physical Impact Payouts are Boosted
    between 100% and 200% of their Total Cover Amount.

Income Protection

It’s estimated that you are 26 Times more likely to be Incapacitated and off work for more than 6 months, than to die before the age of 65. The state benefit system is widely perceived as a fall-back, but the reality is that it may not be enough. How will your Mortgage/Rent, Bills and even Medical Costs get paid without sufficient income?

Our 5-Star Rated Income Protection Cover offers a Tax-Free Monthly Income Payment if you are unable to work because of Illness, Injury or Disability, helping to ensure your monthly outgoings are covered. Vitality also offers additional benefits to help them recover and settle back into work.

Private Medical
Health Insurance

5-Star Rated Health Insurance for you and your Family. With great
benefits that Reward you for being Healthy, whilst providing access to
the best possible Medical Care. Everyone’s needs and budget are different,
so you can choose from a range of Health Cover options to create a
plan that's just right for you.

Core Cover

Your Health Insurance plan starts with Core Cover. This includes In-Patient and Day-Patient Treatment. If you get ill and need treatment, we make sure you get the best possible Medical Care - and we give you access to the Latest Drugs and Treatments that are Covered on your Plan.

Vitality GP

You get access to Vitality GP as part of your Core Cover. Using our Free App you
can book a Video Consultation with a Vitality GP within 48 hours, including
Saturdays. We give you £100 towards Private Prescriptions and Minor Diagnostic Tests and the Vitality GPs can Authorise most onward Referrals.

Choose your Hospital

You can choose Vitality GP Select which means a Vitality GP will
determine your treatment pathway or you can choose from three
different Hospital lists depending on where you live and
how much you want to pay.

Details Correct as of April 2017 - Terms and Conditions Apply.